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Bilkhidma is your digital marketplace destination for your everyday lifestyle needs. We help in connecting you with the most trusted and verified partners in providing you with the services that you need at your very own convenience. At Bilkhidma we understand that life can get a bit hectic and this is where we come in and help you to get your job done in the most convenient way possible anytime and anywhere.

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How can I pay for the services that I have ordered?  

At Bilkhidma we provide you with multiple payment options whether it's cash upon completion of the service or online payment through our third party provider.

Please look at the selected service provider's page to see if they have a minimum order value.

Please look at the selected service provider's page to see if they include an area charge.

At Bilkhidma we only look to bring on the best service providers possible to provide you with the best experience possible. While browsing different service providers you are able to view both the ratings that provider has received and total number of jobs completed in order for you to make an assessment.

At Bilkhidma we provide you with the flexibility to choose the date and time of your service whether it's to book for today or for another date and time.

At the time of placing the booking the selected service provider would provide you with a call to confirm the service items request in which you are able to add new requests to you your order. After informing the service provider of your changes they will be able to update your booking for your review and acceptance. You can as well request the changes from our customer care team and we would do the rest for you.

Please look at the service provider's page for their cancellation policy as there might be charges incurred for late cancellations.

The service provider should arrive at the time of the requested booking . In addition, we provide you with a tracking functionality that will allow to monitor the progress of the service being completed.

Please look at the service provider's page for the estimated completion time.

At Bilkhidma we aim to provide with the services that you need around the clock depending on the availability of the service providers. Please look for the 24 hours sign next to the respective service providers for 24/7 services.

Please try again later as the service provider may not provide the service at the time or at the location requested.


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